Alimanguan, San Vicente, Palawan

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Alimanguan: A Barangay Enriched by History and Natural Abundance in San Vicente, Palawan

In the idyllic province of Palawan, the Philippines, nestled amidst lush greenery and azure waters, lies a unique barangay (the smallest administrative division in the Philippines) known as Alimanguan. Deriving its name from the word “alimango,” a native term which refers to a species of crustaceans – crabs – that populate the local “katunggan” or mangroves, Alimanguan has long been associated with its abundant crab population.

According to local lore, the area was once so rich with these crustaceans that they could often be seen crawling in the streets. This unique characteristic of Alimanguan captured the imagination of its earliest settlers – four Tagbanua families – Rodriguez, Martinez, Talibod, and Francisco, who decided to adopt the name Alimanguan for their settlement.

The history of Alimanguan, however, predates its crab-infested days. The barangay was originally known as “Aduas” and was a part of the municipality of Taytay. A significant transformation took place in 1931 when it was renamed Alimanguan. It was not until after World War II in 1945 that Alimanguan was officially recognized as a separate barangay. Mison Gapilango held the title of the first Teniente del barrio (Barangay Captain), succeeded by Marciano Gabin in 1946, and subsequently by Guillermo Estrada, Josefina Collado, and Floresto Abrina.

A milestone in Alimanguan’s history occurred in 1972 when the distinct municipality of San Vicente was created in the province of Palawan. During this reorganization, Alimanguan was ceded by its mother municipality, Taytay, becoming an integral part of San Vicente.

Today, Alimanguan stands as a testament to its rich history and natural abundance, welcoming both local and foreign visitors to experience the beauty of its landscapes and its vibrant community. Despite the changes over time, the unique characteristic that inspired its name – the profusion of crabs – remains an enduring symbol of this charming barangay. Alimanguan continues to be a hidden gem in San Vicente, Palawan, offering a slice of the Philippines’ natural and cultural wealth.