How to Get into San Vicente by Land from Puerto Princesa

From the San Vicente Airport, tourists can ride a taxi or get a tricycle to take them to the San Jose New Market Terminal.
If the visitors are bound for Port Barton, they must ride the Recaro or take the SBE transports.
These are air-conditioned vans will be taking them directly to Port Barton.
The travel time is estimated to be about three hours.
An alternate option is to take the bus.
While relatively cheaper, the bus ride takes a little longer at four hours.
If a tourist or visitor is going to Barangay Poblacion or the town-proper, they will have to take vans going to Poblacion, San Vicente.
A number of vans, however, pass through Alimanguan on the way to San Vicente, so tourists need to be specific of their destination to be able to take the proper route.
Travel time is also about four hours for the vans.
Tourists are highly encouraged to ask the drivers where they are headed so as not to accidentally take the wrong van.

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