New Agutaya, San Vicente, Palawan

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New Agutaya, a barangay located in the municipality of San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines, was once a modest sitio of Barangay Alimanguan. It grew over time into a thriving barangay, thanks to the influx of settlers from Old Agutaya, earning it the name “New Agutaya.”

Before its transformation, New Agutaya was known as “Nasalugan,” a term derived from the Cuyunon word “saleg,” signifying “floor.” The first settlers of this humble sitio were Mr. Bartolome Adion and his family, including his brother-in-law, Mr. Jose Favillaran. However, as the site developed, groups from the municipality of Old Agutaya migrated to Nasalugan, heavily populating the area with Agutaynens.

The growing community inspired the idea of transforming the sitio into a barrio, prompting the residents to write a petition to the Municipal Mayor of Taytay, Domingo Mercado. Their efforts bore fruit when their request was granted, with Mr. Bartolome Adion taking the helm as the first Barangay Captain.

Subsequently, during a community meeting, Melquiades Pablico proposed renaming Nasalugan to “New Agutaya,” recognizing the majority of its settlers as Agutaynos from the municipality of Agutaya. The suggestion was warmly received and unanimously approved by the inhabitants, resulting in the sitio henceforth being known as New Agutaya.

When San Vicente was officially established as a municipality on June 21, 1969, New Agutaya transitioned from the jurisdiction of Taytay to San Vicente, along with Barangays Binga and Alimanguan. Thus, New Agutaya’s evolution from a sitio to a full-fledged barangay stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of its people, highlighting the unique and rich tapestry of local Filipino history and culture.