Sand Flies

Due to the fact that most of the beaches in the municipality of San Vicente are relatively untouched, it is normal to find sand flies. Visitors are therefore encouraged to bring their own insect repellents, citronella oil, or virgin coconut oil. They can apply these before visiting the beach. Sand flies are very common starting four in the afternoon.


Everyone is encouraged to avoid using single-use plastics as much as possible. The “Clean As You Go (CLAYGO)” Policy is also emphasized. Visitors should always dispose of their garbage properly and not leave them just anywhere. Trash segregation is also an important practice to preserve the beauty of San Vicente.

Eco Card

Like most tourist destinations in the country, visitors must pay an environmental fee when they visit and stay in the municipality of San Vicente. In Barangay Port Barton, visitors are asked to log their names upon arriving at the terminal. After this, they will be asked to pay a minimal environmental fee depending on their stay. They will then be …


The internet connection is mostly decent in the municipality, but there are particular barangays and areas that do not have telecom signals. Because of the lack of telecom signal, these areas also do not have any internet connection. A lot of business establishments now have their own wifi connections that they make available to their customers.