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Sand Flies

Due to the fact that most of the beaches in the municipality of San Vicente are relatively untouched, it is normal to find sand flies. Visitors are therefore encouraged to bring their own insect repellents, citronella oil, or virgin coconut oil. They can apply these before visiting the beach. Sand flies are very common starting four in the afternoon.


Everyone is encouraged to avoid using single-use plastics as much as possible. The “Clean As You Go (CLAYGO)” Policy is also emphasized. Visitors should always dispose of their garbage properly and not leave them just anywhere. Trash segregation is also an important practice to preserve the beauty of San Vicente.

Eco Card

Like most tourist destinations in the country, visitors must pay an environmental fee when they visit and stay in the municipality of San Vicente. In Barangay Port Barton, visitors are asked to log their names upon arriving at the terminal. After this, they will be asked to pay a minimal environmental fee depending on their stay. They will then be …


The internet connection is mostly decent in the municipality, but there are particular barangays and areas that do not have telecom signals. Because of the lack of telecom signal, these areas also do not have any internet connection. A lot of business establishments now have their own wifi connections that they make available to their customers.


The main mode of communication in the municipality of San Vicente are cellular phones. The main telecommunications providers in the area are Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. There are no landlines in San Vicente.


The water supply in the municipality of San Vicente is generally clean and potable. The local government unit regularly conducts water potability tests to ensure the residents as well as visitors have clean and safe water. Visitors are still advised, however, to buy and consume commercial bottled water.


Only barangays Poblacion, New Agutaya, Alimanguan, San Isidro, and Port Barton have 24-hour electricity, which may be a deterrent to some tourists. The other five barangays–Sto. Nino, Binga, Kemdeng, New Canipo, and Caruray mostly rely on power generators and solar panels to provide their electricity.

How to Go Around San Vicente by Van/Car Rental

If the tourists prioritize their comfort and convenience, they should choose to rent vans or cars. These options, however, are pricier than others. Van rentals usually charge on a per-destination basis, while car rentals charge a fixed rate per day depending on the type of car you want. It is important to take note that car rentals are only available …

How to Go Around San Vicente by Tricycle

Tricycles may also be hired to visit tourist spots found in mostly flat lands and spots that are road-accessible. It is not the most common mode of transportation taken by visitors because a number of tourist destinations are found in higher and remote areas. It is extremely difficult for tricycles to get to these areas because of their bulk and …

How to Go Around San Vicente by Bicycle

A common way to take tours around the Municipality of San Vicente is by renting motorbikes and driving around. As long as the weather is pleasant and the roads are accessible, tourists can easily navigate the municipality and visit all the tourist spots riding their rented motorbikes. Bicycles are also available for rent in the vicinity but are only recommended …

How to Get into San Vicente by Land from El Nido

To get to the Municipality of San Vicente from El Nido, tourists may take a van from the El Nido Terminal. These vans will typically take them directly to the destination. Guests should, however, specify their place of accomodation to the drivers because Port Barton is a different barangary from the Poblacion proper. The most common tip is to ask …

Economic Activities

The two biggest economic activities in the Municipality of San Vicente are fishing and farming. For the past five years, however, tourism has started to become a major player in the community’s livelihood. The increase in tourist population in San Vicente has enabled locals to find more jobs and open new businesses like restaurants, bars, inns, island tours, and resort …

Where to Buy Essentials

Tourists may purchase essentials in any of the general merchandises and pharmacies in the barangays. It is, however, advisable for tourists to carry with them their own essentials such as medicine because there may be products that are not readily available at these establishes.

Establishments Accepting Debit/Credit Cards

Because of its developing status, most establishments in the municipality only deal with cash payments. Because of the situation where only a very limited number of establishments accept debit/credit card payments and no available banks, tourists are highly encouraged to bring a sufficient amount of cash with them for the duration of their stay in the municipality. Because there are …


The Municipality of San Vicente only has three pawnshops in the area; two of them in Barangay Poblacion and the other one is in Port Barton. For a fixed fee, both Palawan Pawnshop and M. Lhuiller Pawnshops in Barangay Poblacion accept debit card Point of Sale (POS) transactions but only for local debit/ATM cards. The third pawnshop in the area, …

Automated Teller Machine

Because of San Vicente’s developing status, there are only two Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) currently in the area. One of them can be found at the MEED Office near the Barangay Poblacion local market, while the other one is at the Port Barton White House accomodation. The ATM in the MEED Office only accepts most local cards. The other machine …

Best Month to Travel

The peak season for tourists in the Municipality of San Vicente is typically from November to April while May to October are the lean months. Because about 80% of San Vicente’s tourist population are foreigners from Europe, a majority of them visit the municipality during winter in their home countries. Perhaps the best time to visit San Vicente is during …


Because it is a tropical country, the Philippines’ climate is made up of only two seasons: wet and dry. The first six months are generally sunny for the most part and the other six are rainy. The weather is often unpredictable in the country, so tourists can expect to encounter tropical storms and typhoons any time of the year.

TIEZA Tourism Enterprise Zone Office

The San Vicente TEZ Office, the local satellite office of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), is located in Barangay New Agutaya. This office is in charge of processing all business applications of tourism-related enterprises within Cluster 1 (composed of Barangays Poblacion, New Agutaya, San Isidro, Alimanguan, and Kemdeng). By next year, the office will serve the whole …


Aside from Barangay Binga, the Tagbanua tribes also reside in the nearby Barangay Kemdeng. While not a must-visit tourist spot at the moment, Barangay Kemdeng also boasts a beautiful coastline and a breeding farm for cows and goats.


Barangay Binga is situated at the northern end of the Municipality of San Vicente. This is the town’s nothernmost barangay. This barangay, home to the local Tagbanua tribes, also borders the Municipality of Taytay. Barangay Binga is also home to a bird sanctuary as well as beautiful white sand beaches.


Barangay Caruray is at the southern end of the Municipality of San Vicente. While known for their beautiful, untouched waterfalls, Barangay Caruray is probably most popular for its Decala Mangrove.

Port Barton

Barangay Port Barton is the major tourism hub for the Municipality of San Vicente. Tourists come here to enjoy its diving sites that boast a wide array of magnificent coral reefs and a beautiful marine ecosystem. Its beaches are also a major tourist draw. Currently, around 90% of San Vicente’s tourist population tends to stay in Barangay Port Barton.

New Canipo

Barangay New Canipo, situated up north, is a barangay known for having a lot of farms. Although relatively more remote than the other barangays of San Vicente, Barangay New Canipo is also home to Capalpalan Falls.

Santo Niño

Barangay Santo Niño is home to Bato Ni Ningning, another tourist spot in San Vicente. Bato Ni Ningning is a hill that provides tourists with a full panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea, Ombo Beach, as well as a multitude of rice plantations and green mountains. A common practice for tourists is to visit the hill late in the …


Barangay Alimanguan covers the end stretch of Long Beach’s 14.7 kilometers. Tourists tend to visit this particular barangay of San Vicente to check out their popular Tandol Rock Formation. Some tourists may prefer to rent bikes on the way here. There has also been a development of surfing spots here, as well as a number of restaurants and accomodations opening.

San Isidro

Another barangay that shares in the beauty of Long Beach is Barangay San Isidro. Tourists usually prefer to sunbathe and witness the magnificent sunsets in this area. The Provincial Hospital, the largest medical infrastructure in San Vicente, is also currently under construction in Barangay San Isidro.

New Agutaya

Barangay New Agutaya is one of the barangays of San Vicente that shares in Long Beach. Known for their Inandeng River where tourists can take river cruises and then proceed to Long Beach. Barangay New Agutaya is also home to the local Agutaynen Tribe.


Barangay Poblacion, in the municipality of San Vicente, is the town center housing the Municipal Government Center, San Vicente Airport, and a collection of other government offices. In the Tourism Master Plan, Barangay Poblacion is part of Cluster 1.